Build-a-Mine Bootcamp

Build-a-Mine Bootcamp

How to Build a Bitcoin Mine in Under 90 Days

Join Scott's 45-minute webinar for everything you need to launch your first megawatt of bitcoin miners in less than 3 months.

About Scott's Build-a-Mine Bootcamp

Is your spouse tired of that constant obnoxious whirring sound and heat in your garage or basement?

Are you sick of paying residential power rates and want something more profitable?

I'll show you how to build your own mine, how to get the project funded, and how to get your facility filled with miners as quickly as possible.

^ You'll do all of this in under 90 days (with a little luck and by putting all our techniques and strategies to work).

If you're an entrepreneurial go-getter, I am ready to share my 6 years of bitcoin mining experience with you.

I will give you a roadmap that will help you get on your way to owning and operating your own bitcoin mining farm!

Participate in this interactive 45-minute webinar to find out how to start mining bitcoin in under 3-months.

Begin your journey toward financial sovereignty now!

~ Scott Offord

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Expert Advice From Industry Professionals

Increase your knowledge and skills in the bitcoin mining field.

Connect with bitcoin entrepreneurs, business owners, HVAC specialists, IT consultants, and construction experts through the networking opportunities and coaching I provide.

~ Scott Offord
Owner of Scott's Crypto Mining
Founder of Build-a-Mine Bootcamp
Scott Offord
Overcome challenges in building your mine with our proven checklists, procurement strategies and operations techniques.

Get expert advice on power, infrastructure and proper airflow.

Join our thriving community of successful miners and build your own profitable bitcoin mining facility.
Joe Cirafici

"Now I've got a solid plan going to become a bitcoin mine owner! I originally was looking for hosting, but now I feel that becoming an operator is quite possible instead."

Gary Lozowski

"There's always a way to complete your goals. This bootcamp helped me to reiterate that for myself."

Rein Auh

"It was all a guessing game for me. Going through this training helped me understand planning on a large scale. Being able to ask questions was very helpful. It was worth the time."

Alkesh Patel

"I was surprised at the amount of information that was given away for free. I was worried it would be too high-level to be useful. I thought I already understood, but the amount of information was tremendous."

Ben Phillips

"The devil is in the details! I learned a lot about networking, power, airflow, layout."

Brock Tompkins

"This has me looking for more competitive power rates and better sites in USA. The bottom line is the bottom line. I have to go where the facts lead me. I love the bootcamp so far, BTW!"

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Build Your Bitcoin Mining Farm in Under 90 Days